COLORED ping pong balls

Best Ping Pong Ball Games To Play With balls

Best Ping Pong Ball Games To Play

Organizing a party at home, and done racking your brains for some fun ideas for games? Getting the best Ping Pong balls and this LONGSHOT article comes to the rescue. Read on to know some amazing games to be played with 3 star ping pong balls.

Many of you might not know that ping pong balls are combustible and sometimes burst into flames when hit too hard. They are made from a flammable plastic composed of celluloid.

  • Do not experiment at home.

It is always a challenge to come up with some new and creative games to make your party more rocking than last year. You don’t have to just stick around with the regular games of ping pong balls, or table tennis as it is called where each opponent has to knock off the ball back and forth on a table without dropping it. To jazz up the party, the ping pong balls can be used in the funniest of ways. And the best part, they cost very cheap and don’t even burn a hole in your pocket! Here are some weird and fun ping pong ball games that you can organize or play at a party.

Ping Pong Ball Games

This can be even carried out at a beach. It is a fun game, especially for kids. Dig out 3-4 long passages of sand in a slant manner, or if you are playing at home then use half-cut long tubes. Assign one ball to each person or kid. They will have to try to reach the end. Whoever does it first is the winner.

You will need a ping pong table, two bats, and one ball. This game will require minimum of five people. Make everyone spread out around the table, with two people on either end, and give bats to them. When one person on the right serves, he has to drop the bat on the table and move in a clockwise direction around the table.

The person on the left moves in and picks up the bat to return the ball. Everyone has to move really fast! Only two misses are allowed, and after that, they’ll be out of the game. If there are only two people remaining, then they must hit the ball, place the bat down, turn around, pick up the paddle, and return the ball, until one of them misses it and is out.

Ping Pong Ball Hunt

Even better if you are having a pool party! Form a large circle in the pool. Dump all the ping pong balls in the pool. You have to collect all the balls and place them in their containers that will be placed at the edges of the pool. Whoever collects the most balls wins! You can give each ball a point value. The team with the highest score will win. Or place a small colored dot on each ball in different colors or balls of different colors. The teams should only collect the balls with their respective colors.

The objective of the game is to reach the other end of the pool by maneuvering around the ping pong balls like it is done with the land mines. Make sure you don’t touch the balls. Scatter all the balls in the pool. The more the merrier! In the shallow end, everyone will have to walk through, and if it is in the deep end they will have to swim.

In this game, a person will have to grab one ball at a time and bounce it so that it hits the floor and then wall before catching it in the bucket that will be fixed on the (player’s) head. To score, make sure that ball bounces directly from wall into the bucket.

The player cannot kneel down, play in a seated position, or touch the bucket with their hands while catching a ball. Try to retain a minimum three balls in the bucket within one minute. Now onto the challenging and shivering part! Make sure the bucket is filled with some ice. If a player fails to gather three balls, he has to pour the ice bucket on themselves. Quite a challenge isn’t it? Wink

This is a hilarious one! Take an empty rectangular tissue box and make the opening a bit wider. Attach it around the waist of the player and fill it with eight ping pong balls. He/she must shake their hips to get all the balls out in just one minute. It is a really funny game to watch, and you’ll surely end up having a good laugh.

Take 2-3 toilet paper rolls depending on the number of players and teams. Fix those toilet paper rolls in a rod. Attach empty soda cans to the paper on one end. Take a big rubber band or an elastic that will work as a catapult for hitting the balls. The players have to break the toilet paper and make the can fall on the ground. The first team or player to drop it wins, of course in one minute!

The players will have to attach a banana on a string around his/her waist in front so it dangles at least 12 inches to the ground. They must move the ping pong ball across the room and slide into a hula-hoop using only the banana. This is another funny one! Wink

This game requires a team of two. One partner has to tie a clipboard around his/her waist and stand behind a small trashcan. The other partner throws ping pong balls such that the balls hit the clipboard and rebounds to fall in the trashcan. The team must get at least five balls in it within a minute.

In this game, the player has to get in five ping-pong balls into a fish bowl by bouncing them off three plates in 60-seconds time limit. The plates will be kept in front of the fish bowl.

The objective of this game is to separate all the ping pong balls from a huge bag. Make sure you have the ping pong balls of different colors. The player to collect the most balls in a minute wins the game!

Ping Pong Drinking Games

This game is easy to play. Each player will have to stand behind a line of cups filled with beer at the corners of a table. The partner will be diagonally across the table from you. You have to try and shoot a ping-pong ball at your partner’s cups. If you hit the bull’s eye, he/she will have to drink the beer in that cup and flip it on the table upside-down using your finger. Put the flipped cup back in the row upside-down and continue playing. The first team to hit, drink, and flip all the cups will win.
Beer Bomb

Arrange the tables at opposite sides of the room. On each table, place a cup filled with beer. Each player from a team will have to bounce a ping pong ball off one table and try to get it to land in the cup on the opposite table. If a player fails to do so, he/she will have to take a drink. If a player is successful in putting the ball in the other cup, then some other player gets a chance play. If the player doesn’t score, he/she will have to drink the entire cup, and if he makes it, the first player will have to gulp down the entire beer in that cup.

Beer Pong

Beer Pong is the most popular game of all. Make your teams and stand on the same side of the table where your partner is. Each partner will get one chance to toss, and then the other team will have a chance. Each time any one of your cups is scored, your team must drink the beer in it. The game will end when you score all the cups of your opponent team.

Beer Pong Balls

COLORED ping pong balls
COLORED ping pong balls

This is also a team game. You will stand with your partner on one side and your opponents on the other. On both the ends of the table, place two cans each. You will have to toss and try to hit one of their cans with a ping pong ball.

If you hit, grab a cup of beer in front of you and gulp it down quickly. While you are drinking, the other team has to retrieve the ball and slap the table, shouting “Stop!”. You have to stop drinking that very moment. If your opponent team member catches the can before it touches the ground, he/she will have to drink the beer. Take turns and the team whose beer finishes first will win.
Win the Toss

Comparatively easy, yet another challenging game. The player has to toss two balls at the same time using only one hand so that they land in two separate cups.


Sounds familiar right? Playing Tic-tac-toe just got more amazing! We’ll twist this game a little. It will need two players to play this game. You will require ping pong balls in two different colors and nine shot glasses filled with vodka or the drink of your choice.

Each player takes alternate turns in tossing the balls in glasses on the board in the similar manner as tic-tac-toe is played. The ball must bounce on the floor or table once before falling into the glass. You have to try to make a line of three balls of same color horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. That is how you win the game. The player who loses will have to take shots from the winner’s glasses.

The player is given six empty bottles of soda, ping pong ball, and a scotch glass. He/she has to turn the bottles upside-down, arrange them in a straight line, and place the glass at the end of the last bottle. Then place the ping pong ball on the first bottle and blow it in such a way that it passes over all the bottles and falls into the glass. The one who is unable to do it will have to drink vodka shots every time he/she loses.

The player has to drink some beer from three beer cans and balance them on their beveled bottom edge. Now the fun part! He/she has to balance the cans together for at least five seconds while keeping the ping pong ball bouncing on the table. Do not let the ball and the cans fall down. If the player is unsuccessful, he/she will have to drink the entire beer that is left in the cans.

Make a scoreboard to keep track of points throughout the game time. The winning team or person can be awarded with some silly trophy made from household products or a box of chocolates! So, these were some super fun ideas for ping pong games. It would make a great theme if you are planning a party at your place. It will surely add some fun and laughter element to your party! And remember –

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